Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy Valentines Day

This is probably my favorite picture Taylor has sent to us from her mission!
Just seeing how the children there love her so much makes me happy!

We had a zone conference this week.  As you get farther into the mission these
things are really fun because you actually know people when you go to stuff like 
this.  This week I was told I looked like Anne Hathaway by someone in my zone.
So that's my new name for the week…haha.

This week I bought stuff to make grilled cheese because I was craving some really
bad.  So I made grilled cheese one night when we got home because we skipped 
dinner.  I brought it over to our desks and gave it to my companion to try.  She 
took a bite then she literally stopped everything she was doing and ran out the door.
So I followed her into the other sisters apartment and she goes, "SISTERS YOU HAVE
TO TRY THIS"- sobrang masarap (so delicious).  Turns out grilled cheese isn't a thing
here.  So this week I taught 3 Pinoy sisters how to make grilled cheese.  Thank you
mom for making me the "master chef" in the apartment.

This week was really just a good one.  We had two baptisms on Saturday.  Rona and 
Marisol were baptized!  It was super amazing.  The mission is such a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I'm definitely learning to love others and to have patience and to think of others more than myself and be diligent….