Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Rains Came Down….

but, thankfully, the floods didn't come up just yet

JULY 2015

"…we got caught in the rain with no umbrellas on our way home from church."
"It's been a great week in the mission field even though it's been raining for like 14 days straight.  We actually don't mind because there's a nice breeze and the sun stays behind the clouds .  We also don't have to use our fans…which means lower electricity bills!  W00!"

A GOOD FEELING - July 2015

"Baptism of Sister Aissa.  She's adorable.  Sister Aissa is only 12 but has a way strong testimony and comes to all three hours of church by herself EVERY Sunday!  Her baptism went really well.  There was a great turnout from the ward and the Young Women sang for her.  It's such a good feeling to be a part of something like this for someone."

"This little boy is the cutest.  His birthday was Monday and he was SO EXCITED when we got there and that he had chocolate cake for his birthday.  Kids are pretty similar everywhere."

"My favorite part of Zone Conference is always the testimony meeting.  It's really amazing how fast and strong the spirit always comes when you get all those missionaries bearing short and simple testimony of the church, the Savior, the plan of Salvation…it's really hard not to get emotional.  We also had a lot of missionaries who this was their last conference who bore testimony, that's even harder not to get emotional (Sister Wilson's last Zone Conference).

Fourth of July

"This week has been a super good one!  On the fourth of July I wore red, white, and blue and got an apple pie and ice cream from McDonalds.  It was super festive."

"Today we had a temple P-day.  I love the temple.  The spirit is really just the same everywhere.  So is the gospel.  It's pretty darn cool."

"Today has been so fun.  Best p-day so far.  We went bowling as a district of all foreigners.  Way fun and kinda like a normal kid for about an hour.  Then we went and ate at this place called Zurk's here in the "super mall".  Really good burgers.  It tasted like AMERICA."
More American food.  Enjoying some Mac-n-cheese I got in a package my momma sent!