Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My 21st Birthday!
December 15, 2015

There were 3 birthdays in our apartment this week.  We had little celebrations for each person on their birthday (their favorite food and a little mini cake).  We hid and shot confetti at one of the sisters!

Birthday Packages from my mom and my grandma! 

 We had a birthday lunch today with our district.  It was supposed to be at the park but it's raining so we went to the chapel instead.  We bought lechon manok, sister Lopez made pasta and elders brought a fruit salad thing and cake.  It was actually really fun.  Simple, but fun!

Saying goodbye to the Cano family was really hard.  Sister Kim and Jovelyn (her mom) both came to church sunday for the second sunday in a row and it is really looking like Kim will be baptized.

Saying goodbye to Sister Gementiza was also really hard.  Also, I found out that I am going to be a New Missionary Trainer for my last 12 weeks of my mission.  12 weeks of Training--kinda like 12 days of Christmas;)  I definitely feel the weight of this calling, but prayer will get me through for sure and I'm excited to see what kind of impact I can have.

This will probably be my last email until after Christmas so I hope you all enjoy the season and have a great time with your famiies!  Remember the reason why Christ was born almost 2000 years ago.  It wasn't so that we would have a day to eat yummy food and give gifts (although that sure is fun).  He was born so that He could atone for our sins and thus provide a way for us to return to Him.

Merry Christmas!  

Dec. 6, 2015

I had my mom send me a bunch of "future missionary" tags to give to the kids here.  These are two recently baptized kids.  Aren't they the cutest?!

I honestly can't believe it is already December.  This month is going to fly by.  This week is the last full week of the transfer and then next week is transfers, then Christmas, then New Years and then 2015 is gone.  The full year that I will have spent in the mission will be over.  I feel like it just started.

Already my last 100 days... 
Happy Thanksgiving!
November 29, 2015

I hope Thanksgiving was great for you all!  I had a few members wish me a Happy Thanksgiving (they have family in the states) but no turkey dinners.  I did, however, buy myself some mashed potatoes on Friday night.  Kinda like KFC.  Certainly not as good as Aunt Dana and Mom's mashed potatoes...but it was good enough for me.

Fairview Sisters at zone interviews

President kindly pointed out that my time is winding down and told me to set goals for my last 3 months (two transfers) and then asked me what my plans were after.  I had my first "I can't believe how fast this is all happening "meltdown" the next day with my companion.  Of course I'm excited to see you all, but this really is the best thing that has ever happened to me and its sad to think that it is all winding down.  I've learned so much and I don't want the learning to end."

Something I've learned from the Pinoy people.  Gratitude.  Even if there is no abundance or food or even living space.  They are always grateful for the things they do have.  Usually their family.  That's all you really need to be happy...enough to live on and family.  Take a few minutes to appreciate what you have this week and say thank you to those who have served/loved you.  Especially Heavenly Father.

Transfer Week & Insomnia
November 9, 2015

This week was transfer week and I got a new companion, Sister Gementiza. I love her so much.  She makes me laugh all the time.

The weirdest thing has been happening this week.  Insomnia.  I just lay in bed not able to fall asleep.  Even if it's been a full work day and 10:30 at night when I get in bed.  This is the first time that this has happened to me in my mission.  No matter how tired I am, I can't fall asleep right away.  I'm always to scared to check the time.  But it feels like forever.

My "mom" (trainer--Sister Mamasig) and my anak ("child"/trainee--Sister Rantayo).  It was such a great moment when I saw both of them and we were together again.