Monday, 26 January 2015

Bagong Taon!
New Year in the Philippines

People here celebrate with fireworks so little black cat things were going off all day.  At 11:30 the fireworks started and didn't stop until 12:30.  There was no way to sleep so we went out and watched.  I felt like I was in a WWII movie, there was so much noise, smoke, and flashes of light.  It was crazy.  Everyone was using the equivalent of mortars and there were like 8 firework shows going on at once.

 Me and the coconut.  They're called Buko here.  They use the "meat" and put it in water and sugar and make Buko juice.  It's really good.

January 10, 2015:  We had our first baptism!  Sister Maricor was baptized
and it was awesome.

Ronalyn and her lola (grandma).  Lola is throwing up the "gwapo" sign…she's 70 something going on 17.  Love her.

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