Tuesday, 5 May 2015

 April 2015 


Can you tell my family misses me? 

"Easter" doesn't exist here.  It's called Holy Week.  They celebrate each day of the last week that the Savior was on the Earth before he died. 

Easter is so much more than the death of Jesus Christ.  It was refreshing to share the message that He lives so that we can live again.  

Watch the video (Google) "Because He Lives - Easter 2015 lds"
or go to mormon.org 
It's really good!

I moved to the Novaliches Zone, Camarin 1st Ward.  The house I live in is new and clean and… It has a working shower head!  Still cold water, but a shower head!  haha so that's good.

Still no air conditioning but at least we have fans!

Me and my new companion Sister Pondoyo.  She is awesome.  She's the happiest person I know and her smile is contagious.

Training and Mission Leadership Council was good.  I got to see some of the sisters I served with in other zones, including Sister Mamasig!  So that was way fun.  It's gotten really fun the "older" I am in the mission because I know missionaries and so when we gather together with other zones I have people that I get to see and talk with after a few months of not seeing them.

Temple P-Day.  Wow.  Much needed.  The Spirit is the same in the temple here as it is there, as it is in China, Africa, South and Central America, everywhere.  It's amazing!

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