Tuesday, 5 May 2015

March 2015: 

My Last Month in Malalos

Some cute little apartments in our area.

 This is a typical basketball goal for the area.

 Church Selfie.  The kids here are so cute it kills me!

I love this family.  I will miss them and Sister Rantayo when I transfer to my new area!

Being on a mission is the best choice I've ever made.  Sure, its hard.  Sure, I don't always know what's going on because I'm not fluent yet.  BUT I have learned so much….I have no idea how else I would have learned... As I've thought less about myself and more about others I've really figured out what's important.  Be humble.  Be grateful.  It's the best way to live.  It's the happiest way to live.  I've still got lots to learn, but the mission sure sped things up for me.

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