Saturday, 5 September 2015

Last Few Weeks in Malalos
August 2015

I got to take two more MTC exchangees out.  These two are actually both from California and went to BYU.  We were talking and they both had the same Book of Mormon teacher, which was a way cool connection because his class is part of the reason I'm here.

We went bowling again on P-day and another zone was there.  My new companion (Sister Malo Moa was there with her zone.  She is the one in the black and white striped shirt and glasses).  It was a good last P-day.


The baptism was amazing.  Domingo testified about the truthfulness of the gospel and how it gave him hope.  Before, he was told that he would never see his loves ones who had passed away again.  He left town to do some praying and soul searching.  While he was gone we started teaching his wife.  When he came back and heard the message of the gospel he realized we were an answer to his prayers.  I only heard this story when he shared it at the baptism.  It gave me chills.  The Spirit was way strong.

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