Saturday, 5 September 2015

My new home…Fairview 
August 2015

This week there was a "bagio" but it wasn't enough to keep us in the house!  We were out working and the rain & wind were way strong but we didn't really think much of it.  As we were heading home our kabahays texted us and told us to buy candles because the power was out (brownout)at our house.  So that night we went home and did our nightly planning by candle light.

Our "apartment" is actually a house.  It's pretty big actually.   Fairview is the most "city" area I've been assigned so far.  Every day we have to cross a skybridge over an 8 lane highway to get home from our area.

I went on exchanges this week with Sister McCarthy.  She is Samoan and from New Zealand.  It was a great day.  She has only been out on her mission a little longer than me.  It was a breath of fresh air to just go and learn from her and watch her work in her area.  This calling (Sister Training Leader) has been a HUGE blessing to me.  Its the best thing to be able to get to know the sisters and their stories and backgrounds and learn from them.  I learn more from them than they do from me. 

This week has been a great week again.  Full of teaching and walking in the rain.  The weather here is SUPER unpredictable.  But you do know one thing, you'll always be drenched..either in sweat or rain.  The work here is good.  We have a few investigators and contacts that show some potential.  

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