Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Celebrating National Family Week--

"A Very Happy Thought"
September 2015

This is Sister Doray and Baby Enoch.  She is probably one of my favorite women on this earth.  So humble and teachable.  Last Sunday was her 4th Sunday in a row coming to church!

We tried really hard to get a "normal" district photo.....

Saturday (September 26)  was Christine's Baptism! It was good.  There were a few complications with the font not being filled and not having baptismal clothes that fit when we got to the chapel but we had gotten there a little early and the problems got solved within an hour.  The service was really good (even though my companion and I were asked to sing on the spot) and Sister Christine was so happy after she was baptized that she could hardly bear her testimony.  We were a little sad because we didn't see her husband, Martin, there and she said he wanted to come but that's okay.....
...because the next day when we pulled up in the tricycle to church MARTIN WAS STANDING OUTSIDE THE CHURCH WAITING FOR CHRISTINE.  He came directly from work and attended her confirmation and the Gospel Essentials class with her.  He hasn't been to church since he was in middle school.  It was a miracle.  They're really cute actually!  He was more excited for her than she was!

We had a way fun activity with the ward to celebrate National Family Week.  Four of us missionaries were assigned to teach about The Family:  A Proclamation to the World, Family Prayer, Scripture Study and the Relief Society President talked about Family Home Evening.  Then the families played games and had lunch.  It was cute because the families came "color coded".  It made me appreciate so much more my family and the way that my parents raised me in the gospel.  It has truly blessed my family so much.  I know we can be together forever because of the priesthood.  It's just a very happy thought.

After Elder Scott passed away I read his last talk in the October 2014 Conference...about FAMILIES.  The last 3 (out of 3) of the Apostles who have recently passed away chose to speak to the world about families. I think that is pretty significant.

Taylor and other Sister Missionaries and The Mission President's Wife, Sister Bertin.

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