Tuesday, 16 December 2014

        6 Weeks in the MTC... in a nutshell


Kumusta Pamilya Ko!
"Hello my family"

Tagalog is hard…haha!  Each day we spend hours and hours learning how and what to teach in English and then more hours learning how to teach it in Tagalog.  Sometimes it's hard to tell where one word stops and the other starts.  There are all kinds of weird grammar rules too.  But, we have two (dalawa) awesome teachers who are very patient and help us out so much.

Local supermarket (rustains)

The food here in the MTC isn't too bad. (Don't judge by this picture though!)  Its just rice ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  You think I'm kidding but I'm really not.  Just when I think they've used up the rice supply for the whole country, its rice for breakfast.  One day we had cereal though and it was a wonderful day.


                       Work Hard…
                             …Sleep Hard!

Our teacher, Sister Suaybagio.
She's awesome.

The girls from Polynesia in my room gave me a sulu to wear one night after I played volleyball with them for PE because I was officially an honorary islander.
Towards the beginning of this week I started having a lot of people in the MTC ask me if I had a brother in Provo.  Turns out, Elder Foote, going to Cebu East (dad's cousins son) is going to come here next week from the Provo MTC and will be here for a few days before we both get transferred into the mission field.  

                                         Mahal kita,
                                        Sister Foote

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